Recap of 19th Feb meeting at Rosalita’s Cantina

Tim Grace got his presentation going after a small hiccup in the buffet line (they were a little late in bringing out the free food). Just as the masses started to grumble the food came out.

Once the buffet line started, Tim started his presentation shortly thereafter.

First a light-hearted funny Nigerian email cartoon, with something like this: Nigerian Prince muses aloud ” Mom, why is it that no one responds to my offers of giving all our money away?” a pile of money is all over the area where Mom and prince are.

The fantasy of free money coming to you is just that – a fantasy or mirage , never actually there even if image is firmly in mind.

I think Tim was trying to point out spam and malware are phishing us to the point where everyone now is being or has been spammed/phished. ‘Everyone ‘ has seen one form of Nigerian scam email at this point.

Force Majure definition is unforeseeable circumstances that prevent contract fulfillment.

Apparently some of his clients or would-be clients claimed that they are not interested in a ‘proper’ cyber defense program, and instead will take their chances. If they do get hit with ransomware they will now just claim “Force Majure”. Apparently this is a type of risk management plan. We have a difficult road but necessary in explaining that depending on claiming Force Majure is not a wise plan. We have to do what is necessary to make sure a plan is in place to deal with Cyberattacks.

More quotes:

“Different functions have different levels of risk”

“You can outsource or mitigate risk but not outsource responsibility”

Some attendees were surprised at the level of financial losses which are not revealed apparently. Or maybe not presented in such a manner.