President’s Message

 Dear fellow members, 

As we are near the end of my time as Chapter President, I have been reflecting on my eight years as a member of our Chapter Board. I am immensely grateful for the lasting connections & friendship I have formed with many of our current & past board members, for the education & experience serving on our board has provided, and especially for all of you, our members, for your support of our Chapter and our profession. I am also cognizant of the challenges we have faced, especially the pandemic. The current board term began just about the same time as COVID; ironically it is winding down in similar unison. 

During that time our Chapter has succeeded in nearly every measurable way. Membership is the highest it has been in our 50+ year history. We maintained an event schedule on par with any of the previous decade. We waived all fees and made membership free, and yet we have roughly the same balance sheet today as we did just prior to the pandemic. 

The strength of an organization is often judged by how it handles arduous times. By that standard, ISACA Saint Louis has hit a home run. The strong foundation left to us by previous boards is a reminder of the legacy that you, our members, have left us. The culture created under our collective leadership has prepared our chapter to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Chapter President.

Best wishes and good health to you and yours, 

ISACA St. Louis