Rebecca Harness (CISA) joined ISACA in 2015 and serves as President for the St. Louis chapter. Previously, she served as Administrative Vice President (AVP) from 2018-2020 and Executive Vice President (EVP) from 2020-2022.

More about Rebecca can be found on LinkedIn.

The official duties of the Chapter President include:

  • Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Board.
  • Appoint, with the approval of the Chapter Board, all standing committee chairpersons and committee members.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  • Represent the Chapter at Leadership Conferences and any other conferences and functions, where appropriate or appoint another Chapter Board member as a representative.
  • Present an annual report to members at the annual general meeting – such report to consist of reports from various Chapter officers and committees.
  • Maintain communications with the Association and respond to Association inquiries.
  • Supervise budgetary matters and proper internal control of finances.
  • Arrange gifts to Officers and Committee members to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Establish/Maintain relationships with regional ISACA chapters.
  • Establish/Maintain relationships with other local organizations (e.g., IIA, ISSA).
  • Be responsible for submission of the required annual Chapter reports to the Association within 30 days or responsible period of time after the Annual General Meeting.
  • Perform other duties as pertain to the office of President, or which may be delegated by the Chapter Board.