People-Centric Skills for IT Auditors – April 8th

Register Here Learn key skills and practices to leverage and implement relationship building, communication, and teamwork in your day-to-day operations. Presentation Description: According to a 2013 study funded by the Institute of Internal Auditors, the skills that successful auditors need most are largely soft skills. Relationship building, communication, teamwork, diversity, and integrity are, the study… Read More

Recap of 19th Feb meeting at Rosalita’s Cantina

Tim Grace got his presentation going after a small hiccup in the buffet line (they were a little late in bringing out the free food). Just as the masses started to grumble the food came out. Once the buffet line started, Tim started his presentation shortly thereafter. First a light-hearted funny Nigerian email cartoon, with… Read More

Recap of January 20 AWS Cloud Event

Even though the out of town presenters Austen Debord and Rob Navarro were late – once there they gave a good overview of cloud possibilities: Azure, Google and AWS are competing for businesses which have a wide variety of cloud needs. Part of the problem is that businesses need an assessment of what should actually… Read More

Review of November Meeting Insider Threats

Duane Reaves gave a presentation on : Insider Threat: A Review of Electronic Surveillance Threats & Countermeasures After an initial review of his industry (insider threats around the country). TSCM was discussed which stands for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. Also referred as “Electronic Surveillance CM” , “Bug Sweep”, or “Sweep”. Although Cybersecurity is increasingly a… Read More

Recap of October Meeting At Fontbonne 10/16

Before the panel discussed cybersecurity at Wells Fargo, Fontbonne made an announcement: Fontbonne is now accredited by ABET for their Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. After breakfast served at 7:30am, the panel discussion started at 8 am and ran until about 9am. There were 5 employees from Wells Fargo, an Operational Risk Manager, Analytics manager,… Read More